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March 1, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Crisis Around Us and the Helpers Along the Way

During record high unemployment levels, Georgia cuts unemployment benefits.
Virginia, Oklahoma, Idaho and Pennsylvania considered draconian laws requiring every woman who seeks an abortion to undergo unnecessary medical procedures designed only to shame her out of her decision.  Some passed, some failed.
Wisconsin is weakening unions.
Michigan’s governor has declared the elections of certain towns null and void, appointing an overseer with sole jurisdiction over all government matters regarding them.  He would have you believe, of course, that the fact that 90% of the populations of said towns are black is neither here nor there.  He would further have you believe that the fact that one such town owns a public park he would dearly love to privatize has no bearing on his decision, as well.
Former Michigan Congressman Pete Hoekstra wants to create jobs by repealing the “nuisance” of pay equity for women. According to Hoekstra, when a business does not have the liberty to freely discriminate it hurts the bottom line. Or something.
Two young men set out to target and kill black men.
The Tennessee senate passed a bill to task schools with warning students that hand-holding is a gateway to sexual activity. Again, this against the backdrop of record unemployment numbers.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
And yet, if we look for them, there are jewels buried in the muck:
There is a new type of corporation making its appearance.  Or, to be more accurate, an old type of corporation is beginning to make a comeback.

Ezekiel Jackson, a straight, black union organizer has gotten deeply involved in the rights of gays to marry.

Around the country, people [and not just women] are standing up to the people who would repeal all hormonal forms of contraception.

And in New York democracy, true democracy, is getting a shot in the arm.

When 4 out of 10 articles in Alternet point toward the Mature mindset developing, things may be getting better, no?

I’ve made the conscious decision to begin focusing more on this latter sort of news and less on the crises I outlined above. After all, supposing Seth and the quantum physicists are right and, every time we make a decision, we create a new universe? I know what I want my universes to look like. It’s time to get busy.

Still, if we must focus on the not-so-pleasant parts of what’s going on around us, there are worse ways to do it than this.


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