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March 25, 2011 / twocrows1023

“Judge Not” in re Lessons to be Learned

Right now, I’m reading a new book, “Your Soul’s Plan” by Robert Schwartz. It brings up a point I knew about intellectually—but the book seems to have taken me to a deeper level within it. Here it is:

Prior to each birth we map out our coming incarnation. We use an ‘if-then’ technique. If we take a certain path, we open up new possibilities later on as a result of the earlier decision we made. These new possibilities may or may not be experiences we would hope to encounter from the physical perspective.

For instance, suppose you are living in a mode such as Passion, Power or Aggression. So you might take lots of risks—diving into your experiences and thinking about them later—if at all.
So, one day, you decide to go bungee jumping and you hit your head so hard your neck is broken and—POW!—you’re a quadriplegic.
Now, certainly, this is not something any of us set out to accomplish on the physical level. Who would do such a thing? No one.
BUT—our souls don’t operate at the same level and by the same rules our personalities do. At the soul level, we see the Big Picture in a way our personalities, operating within our self-induced amnesia and a single lifetime, do not. There are lessons which can be learned only by being totally dependent on others and this may well be one of those ‘if-then’ situations we set up prior to birth: if I take a certain path [an inability to see the ways we need to depend on each other, for instance] then I’ll give myself a crash course in dependence.

Here’s another example:
Alcohol dependency runs in my family—on both sides. By the time I was 11 years old I recognized that it has a genetic quality about it and decided to steer clear of alcohol [and I’m glad I did].
In fact, I was amazed, years later, when the medical/psychology methodologies unveiled their theories regarding drug addictions and genetics. Hello??? I thought EVERYONE understood those basic facts long ago! After all, if a pre-teen could figure it out — what took the professionals so long?

Anyway, galloping back to the point here [lessons, remember?] when I was in my twenties an uncle died of alcoholism. He shut himself into his home and, essentially, starved himself to death—after a prolonged bout of drinking.

From the human/personality point of view, Uncle Marvin was a profound failure. He let his addictions get so out of hand that he saw no way out and—that was that.
But was it, though? From his soul’s viewpoint, his life may have been an astounding success. Who knows what lessons he, his family, his friends, his acquaintances took from the experience of seeing Uncle Marvin’s downward spiral? We often take on such huge tasks in order both to learn and to teach.
Here’s my point:
For many years I’ve recognized, “We are all where we need to be.” It’s such a basic tenet of this belief system that it’s posted at the top of the blog.

For a few years, now, I’ve had a composite picture of Hitler, Kim Jung Il, George W. Bush. Mother Theresa, Mohandas Gandhi, a business woman, a policeman,  a man who has obviously just been tortured and is about to be killed and several other people posted on my wall to remind me: WE ARE ALL EXACTLY WHERE WE NEED TO BE.

But until now this was, I think, simply an intellectual knowing. I posted the picture above my desk because it was something I needed to remind myself of. It wasn’t an inherent gut-knowledge.
Now, though, the book seems to be acting as a catalyst. I believe the knowledge is moving from the level of intellect to something more visceral. Maybe an emotional-knowing or, perhaps, something even deeper.

The admonition by Joshua bar Joseph not to judge others takes on a whole new meaning at this level. Judgment has no place in our world because we have no way of knowing what lessons a given soul has set out to learn. Or even more — if a soul has set out on a quest to undergo what looks, at the human level, like a failed life in order to teach the rest of us a basic lesson.
And if that’s not love, what is?

I placed this here in the lineup because of the two posts just above it. Obviously I have a lot to learn regarding this issue.
It’s oh, so easy, from the comfort of my easy chair to contemplate the infinite circle. But, when it comes time to put it into practice, I fall short. I fall woefully short. I’ll keep working at acceptance of learning in all it’s forms. It’s all I can do. But – as I’ve said before, oh God it’s hard!



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  1. David / Oct 5 2012 12:47 pm

    I know what you mean about having to remind yourself of these types of things. I’ve always said there is a difference between knowing and understanding, but also understanding at a surface level and understanding at an intrinsic level like you say. For instance I can know a math equation but not understand anything about it. Or I can know E=MC^2 and understand it has to do with how mass and energy are related but not understand it at the intrinsic level that Einstein or other physicists do.

    I think also being “older” it becomes easier for us to help others with what we know, e.g. telling others everyone is where they need to be, but then have a snap judgement and have a difficult time giving ourselves our own advice or having to give ourselves constant reminders. But I’ve always seen things like that as our opportunity to recognize the bits of ourselves we still have to work on.

    I like the framing of failure as a spiritual success, it really highlights how different the physical and spiritual worlds have grown to be. Eventually the physical will catch up of course, but most of humanity needs a lot more experience before that. The more I read, think, and understand the easier it is for me to detect some of what is going on behind the scenes and why certain things are occurring. It allows me to see that even through the most devastating events that something really beautiful is also going on in the forms of selflessness, martyrdom and just overall love for one another, even if they won’t recognize it for some time. It also helps me understand why unconditional love is our final task, you must necessarily have every experience under your belt in order to see that love exists everywhere at all times.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 5 2012 2:57 pm

    yes, Dave. having read Michael’s info about the Great Awakening and how the younger souls will respond to the changes has helped me not to fall into despair about what I see going on at the national level in this country. getting a glimpse behind the scenes does help. not to say that I’m not still concerned, of course, but I have more faith that we’ll muddle through because Michael warned us this was coming.

    and as you said, ” It allows me to see that even through the most devastating events that something really beautiful is also going on,” Seth is adamant that there is no such thing as simple destruction. that creation always comes out of what looks, on the human level, like destruction.
    somehow, though, it’s still harder for me to see the Holocaust or an earthquake or a hurricane or a mass extinction as creative than to see the beauty in Uncle Marvin’s life. but then I didn’t see THAT beauty till fairly recently.

    so I’ll keep plugging.

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