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April 21, 2011 / twocrows1023

Learning to Be

Here’s the post I promised. The first of many, I imagine.
Conversations with God – Book I.

I’m not ready, yet, to call the entity that came through, “God” or “The All that Is” — I may never be — I’ll just have to wait and see where I go from here.
Neal asked the entity: “Everyone says the Earth Plane is a school. Is that correct?” And the entity said ‘No.’
Shock all round. We’ve all been told that this is a school. It’s the bedrock of most of our belief systems. Yet the short answer was an unequivocal ‘No.’

Here’s the long answer:
‘You can’t go to school to learn what you already know.’
Instead, the Earth is a playground. It’s where we come to experience everything we know to be true by trying out its opposite.
We can’t BE [fully understand] something until we experience its opposite.
We cannot BE tall until we have experienced short.
We cannot BE slender until we have experienced stoutness.
We cannot BE health until we have experienced disease.
We cannot BE acceptance until we have experienced rejection.
We cannot BE love until we have experienced hate [or, more accurately, fear].
The thing we seek [the thing we perceive as the positive side of the coin] cannot exist without its opposite—just as the Indian head cannot exist without the buffalo. It really is as basic as that.

That is why we demanded that we be set free from the Is in the first place. It cannot know—cannot fully BE — itself without the experience we bring back to it of all the opposites of what it already is. In essence, we are the senses and the limbs of the All that Is. Without us it cannot know itself.
I had known that the All that Is was crucial for my being. I hadn’t known that I am crucial to its.

And, so it seems, the very thing that put me off—the fact of having experienced the opposite of ‘God’—was the very first story the book had to tell. And how’s THAT for a kick in the head?

And this is why, as both Michael and Seth have said all along, the Is doesn’t have a problem with our actions—no matter how despicable they may seem to those of us who are experiencing the Physical Plane. We see the negative consequences of such actions and that’s ALL we see. Those who are on other planes recognize the actions for what they truly are—the experience of the opposite side of the coin that must happen in order to BE the primary side.

There’s more. Much more. I’m only in the first chapter, after all.
[Arnold Schwarzenegger voice] I’ll be back.


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