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May 30, 2011 / twocrows1023

An Opinion on Opinions

I just had a pretty rude awakening. This idea is brand new so if it’s still fuzzy around the edges, my apologies—please bear with me.
Here it is:
Today I received an email from a forum I subscribe to in which folks submit a question and people are invited to drop in and debate the issue. Many are just silly, imo, and I ignore em. Like ‘What’s your dog’s favorite food?’ or some such. But many ask questions that I consider important and I feel compelled to drop by and offer my 2c—4c if I’m feeling long-winded—which I often am.
Anyhow, today someone asked, “Who should make the decision regarding gay marriage?” I was gratified to see the number of people who responded with the idea that the couple involved should make that decision.
Since that coincided with my view, I considered it wise and cogent.

After dropping off my comment, I rebutted a number of people who quoted the Bible to prove that LGBT’s should not be allowed to marry or said ‘they’ are just in it for the tax benefits or compared them to criminals of various stripes, etc. etc.

After I finished up over there I deleted the email that had brought the matter to my attention and went back to reading the newspaper but the question kept nagging at me and I went through this dialog with myself:

‘I know my view is right. Gays should be allowed to marry and it’s no one’s business but their own.’

‘A lot of people [not the majority in that forum, I don’t think, but a lot nonetheless] disagree with that viewpoint.’

‘Well, I’m right. Gays are people who deserve the same rights as straights. It’s that simple.’

‘A lot of people disagree.’

‘They’re wrong.’

‘Still. . . .’

‘I’m right. I know I’m right.’
And then it hit me. I’m right for me.

There were people in the forum who were speaking for God. They are absolutely certain they’re right. While I believe it’s the height of hubris to tell other people who God loves or, even more ominously, who God hates, that is what I believe.

In fact, when I call the creator the All that Is the entire point becomes moot.
If the All that Is is All that Is, it is straight people and gay people and conservatives and liberals and agnostics and atheists and Jews and Muslims and Hindus and Buddhists and Wicca and Christians [even radicals of all those philosophies] and antelopes and mammoths and butterflies, and stars and planets and hydrogen and uranium and nitrogen and mercury and whales and grass and trees and sharks and trout and dung beetles and leopards and lap dogs and and and——— how could it be otherwise?

But still—either every dot on the circle truly IS where it needs to be or it isn’t. And my views are no better nor worse than the people who believe the literal interpretation of Leviticus.
When I look at the world as it is, it’s a hard concept to acknowledge sometimes—most times, when it comes to that.
Hitler’s stance was as acceptable as mine?
Musselini’s position was?
The people who plied the slave ships during the 19th century held view points about slavery that were as legitimate as mine are?
People who believe a loving Father would condemn its children to everlasting fire and putrefaction hold a justifiable belief?
People who interpret the Bible literally are right?

The people who ordered the torture of the ‘detainees’ and those who carried it out held defensible opinions?
People who disbelieve evolution hold a compelling view?
People who believe that gay marriage will threaten them have valid points to make?

It seems so simple when I’m reading Seth or Michael and they say, “It’s all good. It’s all about learning.” From my easy chair, it’s not too hard to accept that prospect. But, when I go to put it into practice it twists and turns in my hand.

I know I don’t have the luxury of seeing all this from the Causal Plane [I wish I did] but———when all is said and done———it’s either true or it’s not. Right?

Your thoughts on this would be welcome. My head is swimming a bit right now.



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  1. David / Oct 4 2012 2:03 pm

    You’re exactly right, it all depends on perspective. Where someone is at in their lives, their stage, role, imprinting, mode, etc. all determine how they are going to view things. They see things different from you because of that. The thing is, until they reach the point you’re at now, they won’t see things the same way you do. And often enough, it’s not for us to teach them, they’ll get it when they’re ready. Everyone is “right” because they are going through what they need to go through to get the expereience necessary to see the other side of it, and eventually move into a higher perspective of understanding both sides.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 4 2012 11:24 pm

    and then, when I really think it through – – – is MY viewpoint actually valid? does it seem legitimate from the causal plane? from the messianic plane? just because it’s right for me – – – does that mean it’s right?
    after all, those people on that forum who compared gays to pedophiles [some claimed they were one and the same] believe that THEY are right. who knows how I will see my current view when I reach causal, say. or buddhaic. my current views could end up being as full of fallacies as I perceive Hitler’s or a slave trader’s to be today.

    **sigh** once again, my head is spinning. I should be used to it by now, I suppose.

  3. David / Oct 5 2012 1:01 pm

    Yes, it’s “valid” so long as you are still in the place you are now. When you progress even more, a new viewpoint then replaces it as “valid”. I put valid in quotes because the meaning of valid shifts over time as each of us grows and can enjoy a larger perspective. It has to work this way because without knowing everything there is, you can’t possible be 100% correct because there is always something we’ll be failing to take into consideration. So until then you’re viewpoint is as valid as it can possibly actually be at that point. I hope this makes sense.

  4. twocrows1023 / Oct 5 2012 2:15 pm

    yes it does make sense, Dave. when I think about it from where I am now, looking at that slave trader or Hitler and acknowledging that THEIR views were valid for where they were at the time, then I must accept that my view, in this moment, is valid for me as well.

    I feel curious,too. what will I perceive as ‘valid’ when I reach Causal? Messianic? how will that validity be different from my current one?

    the speculations can become endless. :)

  5. Indigo / Apr 20 2013 3:02 am

    Well from where I am… all viewpoints are valid. There isn’t any “right” or “wrong”. Just different people’s truths. We all have different realities, colored by belief and experience and upbringing and soul experiences. We’re all going to look at something different and be impacted by things differently. But everyone’s experiences are valid because its THEIRS and what they are genuinely going through and experiencing, and the foundation of their perceptions of reality. What I feel is my truth, is my Truth alone. I don’t think at any level we can truly know how the universe is set up, or what rules it goes by, or how to get there. Not until we’re at the very level of the universe and working WITH it one on one. But again this is just my supposition. :)

    Also how can we TRULY know what the other person feels and believes and sees the world? We are not them looking through their eyes, with their background and experiences and upbringing, etc. And they likewise are not us either. Anything that gets to us passes through the filters our beliefs make on our reality and are interpreted a certain way by us. *shrugs* At least that’s how I see it personally. :) It can make true utter understanding, on the 100% level of knowing what the other person thinks and why, rather difficult I would think. But we can and should continue trying to because the more practice we get, the closer we can come, and the more compassionate we can become with their views and seeing it from different sides, taking their lessons and learning from them without having to go through them ourselves, and understanding many different viewpoints at once. :)

    At least that’s what I aim for personally. Other people can and are different in what is important to them and I don’t mind that. “It takes all different types to make a world” after all. :)

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