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June 11, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Great Awakening

Good Luck and May God Bless Us Every One!

Back in the early 1960’s both Seth and Michael told their students that the 3rd Great Awakening was coming up. It was to consist of the planet as a whole moving from one level of awareness [The Young Soul awareness] to the next [the Mature Soul consciousness] and is supposed to have begun in [I think] 1986. This means that the average soul age of the ‘sentient’ beings on the planet [whales and humans] has actually begun tipping over from the late Young Soul Age to the earliest stages of the Mature Soul Age.
The tipping-over accounts for the Baby Boom of the late 1940’s and 1950’s at least as much as all those potential daddies marching home. 1986 was fast approaching and everyone who could get to the planet wanted to be here for the party.
This is understandable as the movement from Young to Mature is the most massive undertaking that occurs within the development of the soul either at the individual level or at the collective level. Any way you look at it, this is a major event.
Such an occurrence, on a more massive scale, may even affect a solar system or a galaxy, I’m not sure.

What I do know is that this planet has embarked on a major change in its outlook—on how the beings on the planet perceive themselves and the world/universe around them. I think we can catch glimmerings of that: the agonizing beginnings of noticing what we’ve done to the planet so far and the initial changes in our approach to it; taking global warming seriously; the growing decision as a species to stop smoking; the early acknowledgements that we’re not the only species on the planet—maybe not even the only important one.
The 1st Awakening [the move from the Infant to the Baby Awareness] is lost in the mists of time. So far as I can make out, it began about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago and was presaged by numerous teachers [mostly women because they were more revered than men during that period and were more likely to be listened to].
The 2nd [from the Baby to the Young Soul Consciousness] was ushered in by Lao Tsu [b. 604 BCE], Siddhārtha Gautama [the Buddha—born 563 BCE], Confucius [b. 551 BCE], John the Baptist [b. about 6 BCE], the Christ Soul [b. about 4 BCE] and, finally, Mohammed [b. 570 CE]. My understanding is that some of these folks were Transcendental Souls though at least three [Lao Tsu, Buddha and Christ] were from the Infinite Awareness Level.
There probably were other teachers, as well—though I don’t know that for sure.
In fact, I’ve read that Krishna was one.  His birth date is out of line with the others, though.  The only one I’ve been able to find was 3228 BCE. That places him well outside the norm. Maybe there was a cluster of more advanced souls in India at the time so they were ready for the Young Soul Teachings before the rest of us were? I don’t know.
Fwiw, I have long wondered if Pythagoras was transcendental or even from the Infinite. Certainly, his disciples revered him deeply. He was reported to have performed miracles and his teachings went far beyond mathematics and included such ideas as caring for and doing good to others. The fact that he was viewed as crazy by many people and had to flee persecution on at least two occasions lend credence to this idea, in my view. I haven’t found him listed among the teachers in any of the books I’ve consulted, so maybe he was simply a wise soul nearing the completion of his time on the planet.
Anyway, this 3rd time around, people such as Mohandas Gandhi, probably Martin Luther King, Jr. possibly Robert Kennedy and many others who haven’t yet become well known [or even been born yet—after all, it took about 1000 years for the last batch all to get to the planet] and including women [it’s supposed to be about 50/50 this time] are due to be bringing in the next phase of enlightenment.

They help the rest of us keep our footing as we traverse the change and bring new awarenesses to the forefront [as the last group introduced the idea of a loving, caring Deity and more effective ways for humans to interact than the old eye-for-an-eye method, for instance.]

Lately, however, I’ve been pretty despairing of any Great Awakening. After all, is THIS what we’ve all been looking forward to? It doesn’t seem all that much like an ‘Awakening’ to me. In fact, it’s been looking more like a determined Rearward March.
Then, I remembered the fact that, prior to the last Great Awakening, the majority of cultures held a fair amount of tolerance for each other. At least, the ones on which we have historical documentation did.
Oh, sure, if they wanted to slaughter each other, they did that at a pretty alarming rate. But, they pretty much tolerated other traditions and even accepted each other’s values and gods.
Most cultures revered multiple gods and recognized that there might well be other gods out there that they didn’t know about so it would behoove them to make nice to any gods other city-states paid homage to. Several cultures [the Athenians among them] even had temples dedicated to The Unknown God.

The Egyptians had gone through a short phase of monotheism and the Pharaoh who ushered in that system was intolerant of other gods for political reasons. But, that period was short lived.

Otherwise, the only monotheistic kid on the block [in Eurasia, at least—my knowledge about the Americas and most of Africa during that period is much less complete] was Judea. And, yes, they were quite intolerant of other people’s gods. What is it about monotheists and intolerance, anyway?
But, even so, it was more a case of keeping those other ‘Barbarian’ gods from having any influence in THEIR culture. So long as those others didn’t try to inflict their gods on the Children of Israel they could have their ol’ gods that weren’t as powerful as YHWH anyhow, so there!
But notice, the last Great Awakening [from Baby Soul to Young Soul awareness] ushered in some pretty heavy duty intolerance toward other cultures. No longer did we practice the idea of, “I’ve got my gods and—hmmm—you’ve got some pretty interesting-looking ones yourself. Mind if I share?” Now, it was, “I’ve got mine and you bloody-well had better have mine, too!”

Partly, this could have had something to do with the fact that we had graduated from the Baby Soul period into the Young Soul phase. Youngs, by their natures are pretty much into showing off how much smarter they are than everyone else [think 8-18 year-olds —who can, when you think about it, be pretty insufferable— especially when there are a lot of them.]

So, we had the persecutions by the Romans of the early Christians and, as soon as the Christians got some power, they neatly turned the tables on everyone else. And there were the political upheavals of the early Church, the discrimination and cruelties practiced against the Jews, the Crusades against the ‘Infidel’, the witch hunts and Inquisitions of the Medieval and early Renaissance periods, and that about sums up the first half of the Young Soul experience—at least in Europe. As I’ve said, I’m less versed in other cultures.

But that 1st half doesn’t even come close to the absolute carnage we got into during the 18th through the 20th centuries. Many historians perceive that period as just one-long-war-with-a-break-for-lunch.

So, mebbe the Great Awakening is underway—and we’ve got lots more upheaval to look forward to. Oh, goody.
Anyway, here’s a synopsis of what I’ve read about the last Great Awakening—
The Infant Souls [still very numerous on the planet— in fact there were more of them here then than there are now— but that’s for another post] were probably feeling a bit intimidated. In fact, the Michael Teachings predict exactly that response [among both Infants and Babies, this time] to the 3rd Great Leap Forward as well.
As I say, most of the younger population this time will be Baby Souls and early Youngs—for various reasons. Still, the infants, being a small and steadily decreasing minority are likely to make up for in paranoia what they lack in numbers.

Most of the people who embraced Lao Tzu’s, Buddha’s and Christ’s teachings were, most likely, late Young, Mature and Old souls. And—just look at what happened to them when they started teaching peace and love. Talk about persecutions! Then, as soon as it got some clout of its own, the Christian Church was more than happy to persecute anyone who didn’t agree with it! So much for peace and love.
And, within the Church itself, people began maneuvering for political dominance. The dogmatists and the gnostics fought among themselves, each claiming to have THE TRUTH on their side. The dogmatists won and declared gnosticism to be heresy. One result of that battle was the fact that numerous books that might otherwise have been included in the New Testament— weren’t.

Could karma have played a hand even in that though?
Here we are on the cusp between the Young Soul Era and the Mature Soul Age and, lo and behold! UP pop the heretical gospels! Coincidence? Or could the consensus on the planet be that we’re ready to reconsider them now? Whatever the reason they’re resurfacing, the timing certainly is interesting.

Just suppose for a moment that that discovery wasn’t a coincidence but a conspiracy among the mature and old souls on the planet as a method to begin pointing the Way—maybe we’re not doomed after all?
I just hope we’re more ready for the next batch of Enlightened Ones and give them a warmer welcome than we have Mohandas, Martin and Robert, so far.

Oh, and by the way ——
There are other things happening on the planet that bear mentioning here.
Whether they are related to the Great Tip Over or not, I can’t say — but again, the timing certainly is interesting.

First, let me say that Michael has said that all the sentient beings on the planet who are currently transiting earlier Soul Ages are going to feel the pull. Late Infants are going to start wrapping things up and heading toward Baby Awareness, Babies will begin stretching toward Young and late Youngs in particular will begin moving toward Mature at an accelerated pace.

And here’s what’s got me psyched: Chimpanzees are starting to make some changes. Until recently, zoos could put a troop of chimps on an island surrounded by a moat and visitors could watch them without being hampered by having to peer through bars. Chimpanzees had to be trained by humans not to fear water.
Those days may be on the wane, though. Some troops of chimps in the wild have started having pool parties! They freely enter into rivers, splash and play and seem to be having a great time. [In fact, there is at least one theory that postulates that humans may have begun walking upright as a result of spending great amounts of time in water. And science has shown us that walking upright led to the big brain which led to tool making which led to—us.]
Furthermore, some chimpanzees have begun using more sophisticated tools. Rather, they’ve begun using weapons for the first time—at least as far as the scientists who are studying them can determine.
Chimps have always enjoyed eating meat. But, they would usually chase down a monkey or a bush baby, snap its neck by hand and chow down. Recently, some have been seen to fashion spears.

Could this be a side-effect of the Great Tip Over? Are species that are on the verge of sentience getting dragged along just as younger humans are? If so, now THAT’S interesting!



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  1. David / Oct 4 2012 1:43 pm

    It’s interesting that it began in 1986, that’s when I was born. My mother used to go to a well known psychic who was always spot on, she told my mother I was part of a group of blue babies (also sometimes called indigo children) who were coming to the planet to usher in an era of change. My mother told me that when i was about 10 I think. The interesting thing is that the auras of mature and old souls are blue and violet, which fits in to the change that was to occur. The more I read and think about these things the more everything starts to fit together.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 4 2012 11:55 pm

    wow. I’d never heard of blue babies before. fascinating stuff.

    later in the blog, I keep returning to this theme. worrying at it like a dog with a bone. I see what’s happening around me and despair about the Great Leap Forward – so I feel compelled to write about it over and over again.

    and the part at the end of the post about the chimps fascinates me, too. I keep meaning to have another reading with Michael through Joya and ask if my perception about them is accurate. they seem to be evolving very rapidly right now – – or else scientists are learning stuff about them that overturns much of what we thought we knew. I’d really like to know which [if either] of those hypotheses is true.

    oh, and have you read anything by Elaine Morgan?
    her hypothesis is that the proto-humans spent several million years on the sea shore and spent much of that time in water. that THAT was where we learned to walk upright. and she explains why an aquatic environment would lend itself to tool use, as well. and why we cry salt tears [chimps and gorillas don’t].
    so now, every time I read some person waxing eloquent about the descent from the trees to the plain, I roll my eyes. Elaine’s theory makes SO much sense.

    so chimps starting to enjoy spending time in the water has vast implications. how about this? according to Seth, at about the time we were reaching the Homo Erectus stage, another species was graduating from the planet. you’ve read that post, right? about the synesthesia?

    so – – – – what if chimps are embarking on the journey that will take them to sentience? and what if they begin arriving at about the time we’re getting ready, as a species, to graduate from the physical?

    imo, Elaine’s best book to start with is, The Descent of Woman.
    in case you don’t know her, here’s a link to introduce you:

  3. David / Oct 5 2012 12:56 pm

    Oh my gosh, I had never thought about that. Just like there may have been a super advanced species that preceded us, we may precede chimps as they progress. It makes sense since they can’t really explain why if we descended from chimps, why there are still chimps around, why didn’t they evolve with us? If we didn’t, then we just happen to be their precursors with almost identical DNA. Perhaps the species before us also at one time thought that they descended from us. As you note the chimps are starting to advance as well, even showing ideas such as war, terrirtory, weapons, etc. the foundations of an infant society centered around survival. I’m gonna have to go think about this some more.

  4. twocrows1023 / Oct 5 2012 2:41 pm

    as to why chimps and gorillas didn’t evolve in the direction we did, Elaine Morgan sums it up quite nicely:
    the branch of the species that became human was one that, like many others, was forced out of the trees and onto the land during a 12 million year drought when the forests were dwindling. the species that were best adapted to tree dwelling pushed out the ones who were less so. [baboons had already begun living on the plains before that time, had already developed their aggressiveness and their techniques for survival and did just fine thankyouverymuch.]

    but OUR ancestors were a different story from the baboons. we hadn’t developed the techniques the baboons had. we were likely less aggressive. and, unless we lived near the sea, we died – – or, as Elaine puts it, we became a leopard’s dinner.

    but those of us who lived near one specific part of the sea, survived BECAUSE we used the sea to our advantage. and, as the drought wore on [it was the end of an ice age] the sea level rose, our land mass became an island, and our ancestors were cut off from the rest of the great apes on the mainland. and that drought lasted 12 million years. certainly long enough to launch a new species that couldn’t interbreed with the population it had left behind.

    in case you can’t tell, I find her theories fascinating.

    you’ve read The First Farmers, right? Seth says that off-world souls conspired to create wheat that could be domesticated at just the moment we were ready to begin practicing agriculture. well, what if a bunch of souls saw a species that was just about ready to reach sentience and nudged it in that direction?

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