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June 14, 2011 / twocrows1023

Time Travel Goes Both Ways?

I just saw a program about Tudor/Stewart England. It seems that the scientists of the 16th century figured out that the moon was another place in space and that, if they could master the technology, people could visit it.
This realization quickly led to the first science-fiction novels. Cyrano de Bergerac was one of the early sci-fi writers and he came up with some astonishing ideas.
His first book suggested harnessing dew, of all things. He reasoned that, in conjunction with the sun’s rays, it would levitate a human being into space. Oh well, back to the drawing board.
In his next book, though, he envisioned ROCKET POWER! And he wrote, from the perspective of the pilot in his rocket, that the earth would dwindle into the distance and be perceived as just another planet—like Mars or Venus [which they had just learned of from Galileo.]
This seems, to me, to be an astonishing leap of logic for the time.
Here’s why this information is in this blog as opposed to one entitled, Esoteric Facts or some such.

In a book of fiction by Jane Roberts, The Education of Oversoul 7, the soul who is being profiled lives a lifetime in 20th century America, then returns in its next incarnation to 14th century England. This isn’t the norm—but it is done often enough that folks who practice “backward living” are, by no means, freaks. [They don’t do it every lifetime but, every so often, a soul will do it for a change of pace or to complete some karma or other.]

I’ve often wondered if Davinci and Galileo were what I call “backward livers”. And de Bergerac may have been one, too.  And that’s not to mention Andrew Taylor Still—now there’s a maverick if there ever was one!  He would, likely, have felt more comfortable in some future time even, than today.

And, given the fact that Star Trek came up with science and technology during the 1960’s that were discovered/invented decades later, I’ve wondered the same thing about Gene Roddenberry. If he was, our future may not be so bleak as our situation today suggests. There may be hope for the human race, yet.



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  1. David / Oct 4 2012 1:32 pm

    I’ve read about this, it certainly brings the multiple universes back into play, or even the free will thing, since usually we think that if we go back in time and interact that we change the course of the future. So it’s a question of maybe the backwards traveller is on a “roller coaster” life where they ‘re at the point that they wind up acting out everything exactly as it needs to be, or maybe the backwards traveller gets his own timeline for that life. But then again, the universe might be able to compensate by slightly altering the effects of actions so that the future is preserved, i don’t know. But this might explain some souls who are far ahead of their time, I would venture that Leonardo da Vinci was one of these people as well. Interesting stuff.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 5 2012 12:06 am

    I like your speculations of how backward-living might play out. of course, if there are an infinite number of universes created by our decisions, then backward living would simply result in more universes being created than if such measures were never lived out, right? [can there be ‘more’ than infinity?]

    and yeah, Leonardo is a very definite candidate. aamof, when I first read about it, he was the first person I thought of.

    and I certainly LIKE to think Gene Roddenberry is one. his vision of our future is one I’d like to live in. except I’d like to leave out the Borg and the Kardasians.

  3. David / Oct 15 2012 1:40 pm

    Okay so I’ve been thinking about this a lot and reading some more, Shepard Hoodwin has a great channeling about parallel universes and it helped me to gain some better perspective. So I’ve been thinking all along that time is set in the past and to go back to change it would be to either change the current timeline or split off their own. However, I was framing this both from a current perspective thinking that if this were the case then there would have to be a mechanism in place to keep our current reality from distorting each time the past changed. Also I had this notion that the Akashic record was like a library filled with all the events of the past. However I read somewhere that the Record is in a constant state of flux depending on our choices and how the timelines interact, etc. So then I was thinking about how we each are a co-creator of reality and while we have our own primary reality, we exist within the cooperative reality we all help to propagate. This means that even if we lived non-linearly that the pasts would automatically be compensated for by collective reality understanding of different choices but wouldn’t just randomly “update” who we are. So time from that higher level is more like a malleable sandbox of experimenting that gets adjusted and shifted while our current timeline is held constant so we can focus on our task at hand. It would be pretty difficult to focus if our history was constantly changing. I hope this makes sense, I have it visually in my mind but it’s still a bit difficult to describe in text.

    Also, as for the multiple selves in parallel realities, that Shepard article noted that our essences are too big to be held by just one body and so we split it up to experience more aspects of our tasks to help us along a path of more complete understanding. Now this is kind of where it kind of gets a bit fuzzy for me, so there are infinite other mes living different variations of the same life doing similar things. (Too bad all the various me’s can’t get together and compare notes once in a while! Or can we?) I know our brains are kind of at a limit when theorizing about infinity but this makes a little more sense when I again remind myself that reality is our own creation, so we all collectively choose to send our “awareness” and experience into different bodies but our essence has the ability to power infinite versions given the similar overleaves. It’s kind of like an active simulation where the variables change slightly in each parallel along the total potential range of our chosen overleaves. Within the current physical limits imposed by our bodies and the usual restriction to just five senses helps us to focus on this current situational universe. Also, given that I still have some internal reaction and perspective oriented stuff to work on, I’m assuming I won’t be able to get a further better capability of understanding until I’ve resolved everything and am ready to cycle off anyway.

    I have to admit that in my prior lack of understanding about this and doubt over parallels and the perception of time, in reflection, was based upon a somewhat egoic view of “if this is the real me, with one soul, living within this universe, what is the point of others?” But I’m starting to see that while we can think about these sorts of things, it’s not something we can really understand until we’re at the level that we have the faculties capable of doing so. But then again, logically most of us may not start postulating about these things until we’re done with most of our experiences and can thus begin to focus on some of the things we will be learning about on the higher planes.

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