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June 22, 2011 / twocrows1023

Science Catches Up With Seth

About thirty years ago, I read, in Seth Speaks, about parallel universes. Seth said that, each time we make a decision, a new universe spins off. That means that every person, all 6.64 billion of us, is constantly creating universes that go spinning off on their own. Furthermore, every sentient being in the universe [among the ones on our planet, Michael includes whales and dolphins—and I tend to think the great apes are here too and, maybe, meerkats] also creates universes with every decision they make. And, get ready for this: every sentient being who has ever lived on this planet, on every planet in this universe and in every universe, has also created universes with every decision they ever made.

Now, suppose you have a decision to make and——you have more than two options to choose from. Yep, you got it in one: if you have three options to choose from, you create three universes. If four, then four—and so on.
In all of those separate universes, multiple you’s go on living their lives following the consequences of each of those decisions.
And, to boggle the mind even further: if another person is involved in the decision, the two of you double the number of universes you just created.
For instance, suppose you’re working at a company and you need to hire someone. So you send out the word and the resumes come in. You weed them out and decide which ones you will interview. And then you hire someone. Fine. Decision made.
But, you have also hired every person who sent a resume.
And, beyond that, every qualified person who saw your ad in the Help Wanted section of the paper or on also, in at least one universe, responded to the ad.
And, now things get REALLY interesting. You’ve seen family trees, I imagine. Well, your decisions create trees as each decision creates its own consequences. And each alternate YOU makes decisions based on each of those consequences. And so does the person [or infinite number of people] you hired. And on. And on.

Excuse me, after writing the last couple of paragraphs I need to go lie down for a while.
OK, I’m all better now.
Tonight I watched a program on TV and—guess what? It was about parallel universes—only it had nothing to do with Seth or Michael.
Quantum physicists are finally catching up with what Seth was saying 30+ years ago. In fact, they even said that, every time we make even the most miniscule decision, we split apart and the person who made one choice goes in one direction and the person who made the other one [or two or three, etc] goes in the other direction and they ALL land in separate universes.

According to the quantum physicists the collective WE live in an infinity of universes separated from each other by infinitely thin membranes.

As logic dictates—there are many, many universes in which you were never born. In many others, you’ve already died. And, most likely, you will die in this universe before the last of YOU dies in some universe you have no way of detecting.

The physicists say, too, that the further on a universe goes after the initial decision that brought it into existence, and it has spawned further universes, the more bizarre the later universes become in relation to the universe from which that first one sprang back when you hired that new employee.

Eventually, these universes are nothing at all like their originators—even their physical laws are different from the ones inherent in the originator universe.

I’m getting dizzy again.But, you know what’s got me absolutely terrified about all this? What if I voted for Bush? Twice?



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  1. David / Oct 3 2012 4:42 pm

    I’ve thought about this a lot, and I’ve come to the conclusion that this would in many senses violate free will and the variability of the universes potential. While I know we choose our lives to a certain extent, if every possibility was done at every fraction of a second there would obviously be infinite universes playing out at the same time which would mean that if we removed all of that experience that we would make progress way faster than we really do. Meaning that there are oher universes where we are every possible role and overleaf almost eliminating the purpose of multiple lifetimes to make progress. The other problem is that since it violates free will, this universe being just this specific series of events, there is really no point in doing anything since anything you choose in this lifetime has been preordained and so there is no motivation really to do anything at all. Sometimes I wonder however if the point of existence is merely for the ATI as you say to run every possibility to learn about every aspect of everything, which seems to vindicate the infinite universe hypothesis, but we would still need a certain amount of free will to make the results actually valid according to how we would actually act. Also given that time is not an issue, the infinite universe thing seems like it would be rushing to get the task done. It also goes against the one soul thing unless our soul potentially splits into infinite other fragments to animate our parallel counterparts. I personally think there are just way too many things that would need to be addressed in order for this to work. But I’m certainly willing to hear the counters to my objections if they have been overcome.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 3 2012 8:01 pm

    well, I must admit that I hadn’t thought out the implications in re free will. but I did go absolutely bonkers when the quantum physicists started postulating stuff that Seth has been saying for decades.

    still – – free will IS a tenet of the traditional religions. something I don’t put a lot of stock in in any case [as you might have gathered from reading the blog.] so ‘free will’ may mean something entirely different in the Grand Scheme of Things we’re exploring here. or it might not even apply. who knows?

    I have a somewhat difficult time with aspects of it, too, though:
    for instance, I’ve had the fleeting thought while shopping, on occasion, of shoplifting an item. I’ve never done it, of course. but if EVERY decision is played out in a parallel universe, does that mean I actually HAVE shoplifted? I hope not – but the implication is certainly there.

    and there have been other times when things I would never actually DO have crossed my mind. so – – have I done them? scary thought when I think about some of them.

  3. David / Oct 4 2012 1:18 am

    I too really like when science starts to hypothesize stuff that has been talked about in the Spiritual texts. I have always really thought that eventually (though probably a long while from now) science will vindicate a lot of what we talk about. In my opinion, our explanations are far more logical and account for way more problems we can’t explain (and most scientists can’t even begin to touch right now).

    I definitely will admit it would be difficult for me to give up on the idea of free will, but anything is possible and I know our physical brains can only understand so much so it might just be one of those things. I just know I haven’t been able to figure out how it could work yet. I have also had very similar experiences with varying levels of thoughts, from mundane to really crazy (and scary), my way of looking at those are more like “karmic potentials” as in, if I did this it would possibly create karma in this way. I also think it may play into past lives and how our personality may have acted in the past as a subtle reminder of how we have changed over lives. I’m not saying this is right of course, but it’s what makes more sense to me.

    I do however consider the possibilities of multi-verses and a metaverse, both of which astrophysicists have hypothesized. The multi-verse has multiple universes co-existing with ours that are built upon varying degrees of similarity, it’s a great idea because it allows multiple situations to play out with higher degrees of variation without needing any arbitrary split off point. The metaverse is like one big universe of all universes, and that our universe is the result of information accrued from a previous universe. Michael talks about how we’ve gone through a couple of iterations but won’t be repeating it. This actually strongly coincides with the metaverse hypothesis in that we get better each time, but that this time instead of a great collapse that re-initiates the “big bang” or creation event, that we’ll just drift this time and eventually gravity will cease to exist of it’s own accord and things may just kind of “dissolve” on their own over the course of time.

  4. twocrows1023 / Oct 4 2012 8:09 am

    I like your idea of ‘soul memory’ or whatever – a reminder of something we did in a similar circumstance in the past. makes sense. after all, the same thing occurs on a personality level: we change the way we meet a situation and, later, when it occurs again, we congratulate ourselves on having mastered the new, more effective way of approaching it. why not do it on the soul level, too?

    further into the blog, there are a couple of posts that go into the metaverse. do you know Ervin Aszlo? they’re taken from his book, “Science and the Akashic Field.” I swear, that book [the parts I can understand, anyhow] reads like something straight out of the parts of Michael’s work that I have difficulty with. here are the links, in case you want to skip ahead:

    yep. I’ve read, too, where Michael says we’re getting tired of playing with the physical and plan to move on to other discoveries. every so often, I try to picture what the next game might be – but I can’t, for the life of me, figure out what. not playing with astral/causal etc. planes, obviously, we’re already doing that. so – – – what exactly? then my head starts to spin and I go lie down for a while.

  5. David / Oct 4 2012 1:32 pm

    It’s funny you should mention him, that was actually the book where I originally learned about the metaverse, we read it in one of my classes. I’ll go check out those articles.

    I can’t really think about it either, especially since we don’t personally know about all the levels of physical life yet. I suppose if we had all the information the next step might seem like a natural progression, but it’s still difficult enough for me to understand being outside of our perception of time (other than the concepts of time travel in movies and tv shows).

    In regards to the whole physical thing ending, I’ll have these funny fleeting moments where I’ll see something simple like an animal in the wild or feel a breeze against my face and my first thought is, “Rememer to enjoy this, you will eventually give it up”. But then have others (especially when I’m straining my mind trying to understand these huge concepts) and I’m like “Okay let’s wrap this up I want to move onto higher problems.”

  6. twocrows1023 / Oct 4 2012 11:31 pm

    hmmmmmmmmm – – – have you read The Education of Oversoul 7? it’s by Jane Roberts and extrapolates from the Seth material to spin a fiction tale. it kind of fits in with those moments when you tell yourself to enjoy this because you will give it up eventually.

    in case you’re interested, the entire trilogy is listed toward the bottom of the book list in the fiction section.

  7. Anonymous / Sep 9 2018 2:23 pm

    You have captured very well the same issues I have noticed and questioned after reading Seth Speaks snd the Michael teachings with quantum mechanics. Bravo. Welcome toY universe.

    • twocrows1023 / Sep 9 2018 4:28 pm

      Hi Anon — Welcome to AtI. Hope you’ll hang a while. Kick your shoes off.

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