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June 26, 2011 / twocrows1023

Seth Vindicated

Back in the 1960’s, I was reading—um—Seth Speaks, I think it was. Or it might have been The Nature of Personal Reality. One of those Seth Books, anyway, I’m pretty sure.
I read about a sentient species that preceded us on the planet. Well, they didn’t exactly precede us. We were on the planet, too—at least the Homo Erectus model was.

But, this other group was here as well. They were humanoid, I think. They lived underground. They were very advanced and were getting ready, on a species-wide level, to graduate completely from the planet. So, as a species, they had reached the late Old Soul developmental phase.

This relatively small number of individuals [only a few million still existed at the time] had skills humans currently lack. For one thing, they could see auras. So, they could ascertain, without verbal communication, where other people were coming from: the motive behind another’s action. That made lying futile, I would imagine. [By the way, Michael says we’ll reach that level of evolution sometime in the next couple of hundred years, jfwiw.]
They could also see, taste and smell sounds and had entire art forms based on such skills. Likewise, they could hear colors and shapes. Etc.

These people were also capable of flight in ‘hanging baskets’. Using only their minds they could, on the occasions when they ventured to the surface, fly in conveyances designed to hold one to several dozen people at a time. And they could teleport objects—again using only their minds to do so.
At that point, I hit ‘TILT!’ on a fairly profound level, put the book down and, I think, haven’t read it since. My idea at the time was that Seth had gone into deep waters where I was unable or unwilling to follow.
It didn’t shake my belief in the core system, though. After all, I’ve had the same experience with the books by Stephen Hawking—but I still believe in science.
Then, during the early 1990’s, I think, I saw a program on The History Channel. A scientist was studying the Sphinx. He determined that it had been carved far earlier in history than the Egyptian period—at a time when rainfall far exceeded the amount the area has seen during the historic period. In fact, according to his observations, the Sphinx had been created at about the time when Homo Erectus was developing in Africa. How could Homo Erectus have carved the Sphinx? [fwiw, the current head and surrounding temple complex were added during the Egyptian period, according to this scientist.]

I was put in mind of Seth’s humanoid species that preceded Homo Sapiens. It was just a fleeting thought, though, and I didn’t pursue it.
In fact, I put this Scientist’s ideas down to the innate bias I’d encountered before: ‘Those Africans couldn’t have created something so beautiful or intricate. So, let’s look for another explanation.’ I thought he might be going to some pretty absurd lengths to feed his prejudice.

Most scientists dismissed his ideas out-of-hand—which led me to keep an open mind about them. We’ve seen that pattern before—first by the Church and later by the scientific community. And we all know what can follow such refusals to even look at the evidence.
Then, tonight, I saw yet another special on the Science Channel.
It seems there are people on the planet right now who have abilities I, for one, had never heard of: the program profiled a woman who sees sound. She can listen to a rainstorm and see the color each raindrop makes as it hits the surface.
All music is accompanied by a light show. [In fact, she doesn’t attend rock concerts because the lights in the auditorium don’t match the ones she sees—which causes a cacophony in her brain.] And, each sound has a taste and a texture, as well. Some are crunchy—others are creamy—others are sand-papery—or sour, or fruity, or bitter, or sweet, etc.
As a child she, of course, thought everyone had these abilities. As she grew up she discovered that her sensations were unknown to everyone around her. She felt isolated. But, during the course of the program, she was studied by scientists who mapped her brain and, finally, were able to help her get in touch with a couple of people who had abilities similar to hers. She is no longer alone.
And, I’m going back and see if I can find those old Seth Books and read them again.
This is one of those times that I love: when science catches up with something my ‘religion’ has been saying for years and years.



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  1. David / Oct 3 2012 4:28 pm

    This is called synesthesia, I recently studied it in my psychology class. Records show that the ancient Greeks were interested in some of this and modern science tells us that it may be the result of the two brain regions cross-communicating with each other.

    I’ve always been interested in the possibility of other advanced species living on the planet and have read many stories about underground civilizations and of course the numerous Atlantis stories. I think that there’s a fair amount of potential evidence pointing in this direction but I haven’t heard about their superhuman abilities. Were these due to their unique species configuration, or just that their average was old so they developed this as a group? Too bad the individual old souls don’t get cool powers to use while we’re still here.

  2. twocrows1023 / Oct 3 2012 7:52 pm

    hi, David – welcome back. glad you found the new site.

    yes, I’ve learned more about the phenomenon since I wrote this and yes, it’s synesthesia.

    Seth goes into that earlier species in some detail. In Seth Speaks, I think. I have, as I said in the post, gone back and reread some of the Seth books but haven’t come across that reference yet. I’ll keep hunting.

    I do love it, though, when science and my spiritual teaching coincide. I never was one for taking stuff on faith – so when verifiable fact crops up in my ‘religion’ I go all goose-bumply.

    btw – – Michael says humans will begin seeing auras in the near future and that, in fact, the process has already begun. they say that kids are being born now who can do it but they’re not talking about it much as yet because they’re still so young that they assume everyone can see them. as they mature and begin to realize that they’re in the minority it will start being discussed more. but then it will become a trait of the majority in the not-too-distant future. at least, so Michael says.

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