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July 15, 2011 / twocrows1023

Refining Ourselves — Part 2

Overleaves: An Introduction

OK, the Role stays the same from the time we cast ourselves out of the Is till we return. The vibration of our individual ‘string’, being related to our Role, remains the same, as well.
And, while our Soul Age does change as we grow, it’s a change that takes from 1 to about a dozen lifetimes—just to move from one Level of a particular Age to the next.
The Overleaves, though, are chosen fresh prior to each lifetime. Depending on the lessons your Soul wants to learn or gain insight into during a given lifetime, it will choose the Overleaves most likely to help you get there.

As with so much of the system, there are seven Levels of Personality: for the purpose of perceiving our personality, the Role is included in this list although it doesn’t change as the others do.

So, the Overleaves are:
Role— the essence of who we are
Goal— the primary lesson we’re looking to achieve
Mode— the primary method by which we seek to achieve our Goal
Attitude— the primary way we perceive the world
Centering— [covered earlier]—the place from where we respond to the world
Body Type— a method of helping us achieve the basic plan
Chief Feature— a stumbling block we set up for ourselves [it keeps things interesting, I imagine, though I can’t say I’m all that fond of making such an arrangement for myself.]

Some Overleaves are rarely chosen because they are so narrowly focused or because they can be troublesome and difficult. Each Soul, though, gets hands-on experience with every Overleaf [some more often than others] prior to cycling off the planet. Altogether, the Overleaves smooth out our edges making each of us into a well-rounded Soul before the curtain falls on our physical lives. The percentages included in the outlines of the Overleaves indicate both how many Souls are engaged in the use of that particular Overleaf at any given time and how many times a particular Soul chooses that Overleaf over the course of all its lifetimes.

All the Overleaves, though, add intensity and propel us toward learning. Before we arrive on the planet, we each have the underlying goal of ‘Learn, learn, learn’—and our Soul wants to go there. But, often, we’d like to run the hell away—[it may be completely new territory that the Soul wants to explore and we’re scared to take the leap (even Souls can get scared when faced with new experiences); we may have attempted to reach it before with disastrous results; it may mean teaming up with someone our personality would rather avoid, etc. etc.] So, our Soul, oh, so thoughtfully, gave itself these Overleaves ahead of time, to propel us forward, whether our particular personality wants to go or not. Gee, thanks. :)

Here’s an example of a full personality:
A Young Souled King chose Dominance [Goal] in conjunction with Power [Mode] and Greed [Chief Feature]. Realist [Attitude] helped him stay focused on where he wanted to go along with Moving [Center] which kept him heading in that direction. (I wonder if this guy slept at night.)

This combination turned Alexander the Great into a human dynamo that no one could stand up against for long. So, he went on to found one of the largest empires the world has ever seen—and he did it within only a few years of a single lifetime [seventeen, if I remember correctly]. Whew!


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