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July 21, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Seven Roles: # 3 The Sage

When we leave the All that Is we are ‘fragments’. Picture a spark of pure white light. One of the first things we do is choose our ROLE. Picture the white spark passing through a prism and becoming one of the 7 colors within the white.
Sage [8% of the population]

The class clown; the con-artist; the fun-loving cut-up; the teacher who inspires by eloquence and example: there’s a really good chance you’re seeing the multi-faceted Sage in action.

Sages are the Cardinal Emotional Spoke on the wheel of the Roles [Artisans are the Ordinal Spoke].It’s a good thing they’re only 8:92— otherwise, the rest of us might not get a word in edgewise. :)

Back in Kansas City, the other half of that husband and wife team of psychologists [see previous post] was a Sage. He [the Artisan] often hung back during group therapy and training sessions while she [the Sage] carried the ball.

The fact that she’s 7th level Mature while he’s 2nd level Old also assured that she was likely to take center stage. Give her a couple of more lifetimes and she’s likely to be a 1st level Old soul and starting to hang back a bit herself while she puzzles out her new level of awareness.

Meanwhile, though, she’s pretty smug and absolutely certain that emotions and relationships are the be-all/end-all of the reasons why we’re here. She’s quite outspoken about this viewpoint.

She’s as creative as her husband. Together they’ve created a unique home. She, too, does meticulous needlework, making large pillows for friends, crocheting rugs, blankets, hats, scarves, jackets and even winter coats. She does leather and bead-work. Her friends tend to emulate her and those therapy/training sessions were full of heads bent over textile projects while people listened to the processes going on around them.

It was she who, when a member of our extended community was diagnosed with leukemia, organized 3 teams to help our friend as she went through her ordeal [emotional/medical, legal and physical (taking care of her home while she was hospitalized).] She also organized fund-raising.
She built another set of such teams, years later, when another friend was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s Disease.

All in all, this friend is a human dynamo who can be formidable force to be reckoned with no matter the cause she’s working for. In the process she’s always teaching the rest of us how to be better therapists, how to meet any crisis, how to rise to any occasion and how to do it all with flair, verve and find fun in the doing.
Like Scholars, Sages love to learn. But, while Scholars learn for the sake of the learning itself and in order to store the knowledge to dump into the Akashic Record [though we’re happy to tell you whatever you want to know if you ask nicely], Sages learn in order to teach others what they’ve learned. They simply want to disseminate knowledge, understanding and, if we’re lucky, wisdom.

Friendly, outgoing, colorful and downright outspoken, Sages teach. Their goal, in most instances, is to make the learning fun so you’ll keep coming back for more. They relish the spotlight. They need to be the center of attention.
They’re clear communicators who want to be certain you comprehend what they’re telling you and can become quite upset if you misunderstand what they’re saying.

They gather in communication centers like Los Angeles, London, Paris, Sydney, Moscow, New York, and Amsterdam— anywhere that has a thriving theater district. You’ll find lots of actors, news anchors, the more colorful news reporters who make names for themselves with their commentaries. They’ll boost Sage populations in those cities to 15%.

They’re so pro-good times, Sages can be among the slowest to mature to their true soul-age during any given lifetime. Like Artisans [the ordinal emotional pole] they add spice wherever they are and the world would a much drearier place without them. And, like Artisans, they can bring joy to a roomful of sad faces or, if they’re unhappy, bring a whole room down.

During their earlier lifetimes, they may play fast and loose with the truth. During the Young Soul phase, for instance, they can become con artists, used car salesmen or ambulance-chasing lawyers. It all goes with the territory: they’re great communicators and, at times can embellish the truth to the point where it barely has a nodding acquaintance with reality.
Even when they stick with the facts, they’ll milk those facts for all they’re worth. They exaggerate to make a point.

During later lifetimes they can, as my friend has done, use virtually ANY situation as a platform to teach life’s lessons to the rest of us. They can, as she has, teach by example and by being extremely articulate and gifted linguistically. They can provide comic relief. In fact, they can lead by example here, too. Sages look to be thoroughly enjoying their lives—and urging the rest of us to do the same. They understand intuitively that life doesn’t need to be a vale of tears and spirituality can be fun. They work extremely well at the emotional level. They have enormous amounts of charisma and draw others to them like moths to flame.

The positive pole of a Sage is expression. The negative is oration.
So, the positive Sage will enlighten, bedevil [but it’s all good], enthrall, tell great stories, create and draw you into their creations. The negative Sage will drone on and on and on until you just wish s/he would GET TO THE POINT, ALREADY!

They’re a dab hand at acting as a bridge among the other roles, too. They like to surround themselves with lots of people and will make sure that communications within the group are clear—interpreting all those other Roles to each other.

Do you see why my 7th level Mature friend feels so at home being a pshrink? And why she’s surrounded by such a large, extended family of people who aren’t related by blood?
My Essence Twin [more about those later] is a Sage, as well. This fragment isn’t on-planet at the moment—so it bleeds through pretty strongly, or so I’ve been told. Maybe THAT’S why I’ve spent so much time teaching during this lifetime though I’m not NEARLY so flamboyant about it as my Sage friend is.
There’re lots and lots of famous Sages [as you might imagine]. A very short list includes: Gary Hart, Mikhail Gorbachev, Anwar Sadat, Robert Kennedy and Harry Truman among politicians. TV personalities are: Oprah Winfrey, Jim Lehrer, Mike Wallace, Barbara Walters, Jessica Savitch. Actors such as Richard Burton, Michael J. Fox, Harrison Ford, Cher, Marlo Thomas,—though, generally speaking, actresses tend to be the softer Artisans and Priests [who will be profiled later.]
Authors include: Stephen King, Rita Mae Brown, Lee Iaccoca, Ruth Westheimer, Alice Walker and Shakespeare.
Funny folks Johnny Carson, Sammy Davis, Jr., Billy Crystal, Richard Pryor, Lenny Bruce, Chevy Chase.


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