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July 24, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Planetary Shift

The US recently [about the mid 1980’s] moved from a majority of Young Souls to a majority of Mature Souls. In fact, the planet as a whole did, too — at just about the same time. This isn’t to say that all continents or all countries are now Mature. Nor even that all regions of Mature-majority countries are Mature.

Just as the Old-Soul countries [primarily Iceland, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland] have plenty of Mature, Young, Babies and even a smattering of Infants within their borders, Mature countries have representatives of each Soul Age, too. Every country does.

Small Town America is still chock-full of Babies feeling smug in the fact that they understand the rules and know how to apply them. You’ll find some Infants hanging out there, too. Mostly later level Infants who are starting to explore what’s coming next.
Such towns can feel very optimistic and high-energy. Their Independence Day parades are exciting as the whole town turns out to celebrate the birth of a nation. Go to the local high-school for the Friday night football game and feel the vitality—it’s downright palpable—with most of the town’s population in attendance.
Matures and Olds who pine for a slower pace have begun migrating back to these small towns as telecommuting makes such moves practical.

Large cities in the US still tend toward Youngs [and will continue to do so for some time to come] Matures and Olds but you’ll find pockets of Infants and substantial numbers of Babies within them.

So, just because Matures are on the ascendant doesn’t mean the whole world is suddenly going to be plunged into emotional angst and marching to Save The Environment or stop ALL wars [unfortunately].
Still, you can see the wave of the future in the movement to ban smoking in more and more places.
And in the entreaties to, ‘Talk to your kids. They’ll listen.’
The fact that landfills are overflowing isn’t the ONLY reason corporations are learning how to tap these sites for energy and that recycling is on the rise.
Alternatives to wholesale logging aren’t being addressed ONLY because we’re running out of trees.
The yearly competition in Washington D.C. to design the most energy-efficient home [and it has to be aesthetically pleasing, too] isn’t being held ONLY because we’re running out of the old stand-by fossil fuels.
At the disappearance of the honey bee, the realization that we don’t know how to pollinate our own crops doesn’t account for the fact that we’re looking to environmental factors for the causes and for possible solutions. If Young Souls had the control they did a generation ago, we’d simply be developing robotic bees.
Likewise, the current rise in awareness of Global Warming hasn’t come about SOLELY because of the steady breakdown of the glacial shelves.

We merely have to look at the horribly blighted areas in Eastern Europe that just kept getting worse and worse for decades to see that the fate of the Earth isn’t the ONLY reason these matters are now beginning to be addressed. Ditto for Los Angeles’ smog problems. And acid rain over Europe and the US.
The rise of the Mature Soul is at least as much a causal factor in the change in how these concerns are being addressed [and plenty I’ve not listed here]. A major change in how we perceive the planet is underway—and the reasons for that are at least as much subjective as objective.
The recognition that we are the major factor in most if not all of these crises is coming about because Maturity brings with it the acceptance of responsibility. Bit by bit, denial of responsibility [the Young Soul mindset] is becoming a thing of the past.

If the Young Souls had it all their own way [as they have for the last several thousand years], we’d be carrying on with business-as-usual [and, in fact, it’s going to be quite a while before true quantitative differences will be felt by the majority of the Earth’s population] but change is in the wind and, I imagine, most of us feel it.
Even small towns in the US are getting a dose of Mature Awareness as can be seen in Greensburg, Kansas which, after a devastating tornado, opted to rebuild Green. Unlike most Baby communities [and even most Young ones], they haven’t forced everyone to comply with the green codes. But many are doing so to the extent their pocket-books allow. And the Town Square and management are going Green with a vengeance.
Another part of this movement into a new awareness can result in panic mode by folks in the Old Guard:
A rise in violence among the Infants around the world has certainly been detected. Everything from Going Postal to Columbine to Tower Shootings in the US to the poison gases released in Britain’s and Spain’s subways and bombs in Paris to beheadings in Iraq and 9/11 itself which, although it culminated here, had its roots in the Infant and Baby Souled countries of the Middle East were, likely, the results of the panic of Infant Souls as changes in the status quo made them uneasy and frightened.

Meanwhile, lots of Babies are becoming more shrill in their absolute certainty that going to church is the be-all/end-all of religion; patriotism is a matter of waving the flag harder, faster and higher than your neighbor does and wearing your flag lapel pin EVERY day; and everyone had better acknowledge that being different from the majority is the kiss of death [Gay Marriage Will Cause The End of Civilization As We Know It, for instance. And keeping immigrants out is the only way to be safe within our boundaries.]

The panic the Young Souls experience will probably be somewhat less shrill than that of the Infants and Babies [they’re closer to the norm, after all] and many folks in the later levels will find themselves being dragged along into the early Mature Soul awareness levels—which will accelerate the evolutionary process.
Still, those Youngs in the earlier levels will protest that the Earth is a treasure trove to plunder and we’d better get cracking to chop down those forests, get the last drop of oil out of ANWR and make damned sure every acre of the Amazon basin is turned into grazing lands so that McDonald’s has all the cows it needs to turn into burgers. Who knows WHAT will happen if the status quo is upset?

But the Matures are having more and more to say about such views. After a long bout of silence, they’re taking on the title, ‘Progressive’ and even unashamedly reclaiming the labels, ‘Liberal’ and ‘Humanist’ that they’d been shamed,by the Young Souls who had the lion’s share of the power and the biggest microphones, out of using for so long.

Beginning in some pockets in larger cities and fanning out, some marches to protest the status quo are beginning.  And the Occupy Movement is obviously Mature in nature.  aamof, those who disagree with it rather shrilly hark back to that other Mature phenomenon, the Hippy culture when voicing their disapproval.

And Congress’ approval rating has fallen into the single digits—even below that of Bush. Matures are telling Congress [and presidential candidates for that matter] to hold to their convictions or face being sent home in November.
The fact that most governments are still dominated by Young Souls could slow the process at the top and may make a massive house-cleaning unavoidable—but both US parties may get a shock. The Green party is, for the first time, optimistically looking toward a 5% vote this November. Even they may be surprised at the results and the Green Party may well replace the GOP within a generation or two while the Democratic Party takes on the old, ‘Hang onto the status quo,’ mindset the GOP has held for so long.
While I can’t be certain, of course, my intuition is telling me not to panic. The Mature Soul awareness will be too massive to ignore and, eventually, the planet will settle into the new consciousness just as happened 2000 years ago when we evolved from the Baby into the Young Soul awareness level.

Just in the nick of time, we’re being ushered out of the mindset of, ‘Kill the Planet for Short-term Gain’ into the sense of ‘Save the Planet for Long-term Sustainability.’
Along with that is coming a sense of, ‘You Don’t Have to be Wrong for Me to be Right.’
And our ace in the hole is a half-dozen manifestations of the Infinite Soul [see previous post] riding to the rescue like the cavalry in all those Wild West movies I saw as a child.


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