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July 25, 2011 / twocrows1023

Off-world Soul Ages

Between lifetimes we hang out on the lower Astral Plane where we spend time with friends and mentors; look back at our most recent incarnation focusing on lessons learned during it; go to school in preparation for our next lessons; and, as we get older, begin working at various jobs [mostly focusing on helping others in some way], etc.

At some point, when we feel ready, we begin preparing for our next incarnation: We create a new personality, plan any special lessons regarding the next body we’ll be inhabiting [we may choose to create a body with some birth defect or infirmity for karmic reasons or if we have lessons we need to learn about being different from [or dependent on] others, for instance].
We may discuss karmic lessons with our chosen future parents or other relatives, people who we’ll be involved with as spouses, bosses or subordinates, friends or even ‘enemies’ [Souls we have negative karmic bonds with], etc.

After we cycle off the Physical Plane of existence for good, we’ll congregate at the second-level Astral plane while we wait for the rest of a loose group we started our physical incarnations with and, after this group has gotten together, we move ‘up’ to the third-level Astral Plane where we assemble and meld with a very close friend [our Essence Twin].

We rise further to the higher Astral levels and merge with more and more Souls from our own Entity. Finally, we have immersed ourselves within our own Entity and we’re ready to graduate to the Causal Plane where further mergings [with other Entities] will continue. By this point we are fully committed to the Transcendental Soul Age.
The Transcendental Soul Entity may decide, for teaching purposes, to send a representative to the planet. In fact, every Entity does this at least once. Because of the consciousness levels obtained by the Entity the Transcendental Soul shows up on the planet as a balanced being with easy access to higher centers and states of consciousness.
The teaching of the Transcendental Soul, whether verbal, by example, or by action is centered on the greater connectivity of the universe. Note Gandhi’s message of the unity of all religious teachings.

There are always some Transcendental Souls on the planet. At a time of major change like the present there are many. Some, like Sai Baba, Meher Baba, Yogananda, Babaji, Rumi, St. Francis, Pope John XXIII, or Mohandas Gandhi obtain wide recognition for their teachings while others are monumental influences in their individual communities but do not receive global recognition.
These Souls are not totally self-aware. As a result, although they are likely to make huge differences in their societies or in the world, they do not consciously realize that they are outside the norm on the planet.

On rare occasions, Transcendental Souls lose track and become enamored of the adulation of the masses but most stay amazingly clear, centered and conscious.
Through their teachings, particularly during a time of great change on the planet [as is happening now], they act as precursors of what is to come———
Infinite Soul is the manifestation of All-That-Is.
During any Planetary Shift—the process of moving from one level of awareness to the next— and, particularly as is happening now, from the Young (outward-looking, materialistic consciousness) toward the Mature (inward looking, emotional/interpersonal level) [the biggest leap any individual Soul or any species makes during its development] the Infinite Soul appears to help the planetary evolution occur.

The 1st Awakening of the Human species on the planet Earth [the move from the Infant to the Baby Awareness] is lost in the mists of time. So far as I can make out, it began about 6,000 to 8,000 years ago and was presaged by numerous teachers [mostly women because they were more revered than men during that period and were more likely to be listened to].

The 2nd Awakening [from the Baby to the Young Soul Consciousness] was ushered in by Lao Tsu [b. 604 BCE], Siddhārtha Gautama [the Buddha—b. 563 BCE], Confucius [b. 551 BCE], John the Baptist [b. about 6 BCE], the Christ Soul [b. about 4 BCE] and, finally, Mohammed [b. 570 CE].

Though I don’t remember reading that he was included among them, I’ve wondered if Pythagoras [b. about 530 BCE] belongs on this list. Miracles have been attributed to him [having a golden thigh and being seen in more than one geographical place at once, for instance.] His followers certainly revered him deeply and his teachings covered much more than mathematics. To my mind, the fact that he had to flee persecution on at least 2 occasions lends credence to this idea.

Male bodies were utilized almost exclusively by both Transcendentals and the Infinite because the people of the time were far more likely to listen to men than women.
Look at what happened to Mary Magdalene, for instance. Only today are we beginning to recognize the distortions of her role made over the course of the development of the Christian discipline either consciously or unconsciously. Whether she was a Transcendental Soul or an Old Soul, I don’t know.
In any case, she was certainly not a prostitute. Even now there is a tendency to cast her as a wife/mother figure by those who try to place her as the wife of ‘Jesus’ following her husband rather than a woman making her own choices. More and more scholars, though, are recognizing her for what she almost certainly was: a strong-willed woman—a disciple in her own right. It has taken us 2000 years to come to this realization.

My understanding is that most of the folks listed above were Transcendental Souls though Krishna, Lao Tsu, the Buddha and the Christ were of the Infinite Soul. Others on this list may have been Infinite Soul, as well—I can’t say for sure without delving into my stack of books [and delaying this post.]
And there were probably other teachers, beyond those listed here—though I don’t know that for sure.

This 3rd time around, men such as Mohandas Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Jr. and others who haven’t yet become well known [or even been born yet—after all, it took about 1000 years for the last batch all to get to the planet] and including women [it’s supposed to be about 50/50 this time] are due to be bringing in the next phase of enlightenment. Gandhi and, possibly, King were Transcendentals. So far as I know, no manifestations of the Infinite have yet arrived. I expect if any had, we’d all know it.

The Transcendentals help us get ready for the arrival of the Infinite which then helps the entire species keep our footing as we traverse the changes and bring new awarenesses to the forefront [as the last group introduced the idea of a loving, caring Deity and more effective ways for humans to interact than the old eye-for-an-eye method, for instance.]

The Infinite Soul is, in fact, the entire universe consciously encompassed in one body. The Infinite soul is completely self-aware and has the superhuman abilities noted in the Christ Soul of the New Testament.
This Soul usually enters, by prior agreement, into the body of a person who is seventh level Old or Transcendental who then may cycle off the planet [as occurred with the Christ and the Buddha or alternately cycle in and out as happened with Krishna and Lao Tsu.
The energy of the Infinite Soul is so intense that, were it to be born into a human body and dwell consistently in it, the body would quickly burn out. This Soul is always noticed, and always teaches oneness and love.

Today, Earth is set to be visited by four or five manifestations of this incredible Soul over the next few generations. They will have the same message: love one another and the Earth. Because at least parts of the planet’s population are ready to heed both men and women, they will manifest as both sexes this time around and they will appear as different races in several geographical areas.



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  1. Indigo / Nov 26 2013 2:27 am

    What of the souls that move on from the Earthly life but do not meet up with others of the group? The more fiercely independent souls that find joy in just exploring all the niches and crooks and cranny of the Universe, learning it through reincarnation and exploration?

    Well they do meet up with others of their group but what I mean is they don’t meld into one big entity like the Michael entity does. And they can come back and reincarnate where they want to but often have a very good life on the higher planes where they’re busy learning more things, and learning old lessons in new ways.

    What are your thoughts on this? :)

    • twocrows1023 / Nov 26 2013 6:52 pm

      hmmmmmmm – – – I have to admit I hadn’t thought about it. Michael and Seth have outlined the usual method of advancement but, in an infinity of universes, each with [I would guess] billions of galaxies and who knows how many sentient life forms, it does make sense that there would be mavericks. Certainly something to contemplate.

      • Indigo / Dec 8 2013 9:43 pm

        Yeah. :) Just because there’s … say the usual path of adulthood with going to college then getting a job (when its more within the last 100 years that’s ACTUALLY the case on Earth in America at the very least, as in the normal path for anyone who can afford it and many who need scholarships to do so) doesn’t mean that other paths don’t exist, and that they may actually do a better job of getting what the individual needs other than the “traditional” or “accepted” path of progression and doing things. :)

        Just something to muse about and contemplate. :)

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