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July 31, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Young Soul

I’ve got news for everyone here. If you’ve completed your Young Soul incarnations, you’ve spent at least one lifetime filthily, obscenely RICH, RICH, RICH.
We all have to learn the lessons that go with money and the way we do that is by 1] being born into families that have enormous amounts of it when we arrive, 2] starting poor and making mammoth amounts of it while here, 3] starting out poor and struggling to make money and failing or making some and losing it in catastrophic ways, 4] starting out rich and losing everything —and any and all variations of these scenarios on the theme of money, money, money.

Likewise, and probably during the same set of lifetimes— since the two so often go hand-in-hand —you’ve also all held huge amounts of power over other people’s fates.
Again, most likely, we do that during our Young Soul lifetimes though a few people will jump ahead in the game and start this process late in the Baby Soul period [Hitler did it, Nixon did it and, my guess is, Bush II is doing it, too— though Hitler and Bush allowed puppet-masters (almost certainly Young Souls) massive amounts of the power they ostensibly were wielding (Hitler’s physician, who fed him all those drugs, was one— Dick Cheney, obviously, is another. Karl Rove may well be a Baby— content to be Kingmaker this time around though he’s just as likely to be a Young Soul exercising his Power-over- Others muscles.]

So, Young Souls seek and manage to acquire, by hook or crook, power over others. That is the name of their game.
Sometimes they’ll use their power for good [most likely, they’ll do that during the late phases of their Young Soul cycle— when all other ways of demonstrating how much power they’ve got have been exhausted. Mostly, they’ll use the power they garner to further their own ends.
After going through the teenage years and then leaving parents and striking out on one’s own, the young adult is in the process of building up the foundations of career, home, and family. Young people are finding their places in life, establishing successes, and making their marks on the world. This is a very challenging phase. The same can be said of the Young Soul.

As you can see, the Young Soul period is an energetic, lively time to be on the planet. Of all the soul ages, Youngs are the most comfortable here. They will find their own place in society and can’t understand those others who question such things as the meaning of life. To them it’s obvious: the meaning of life is to aquire things and power for their own sakes. The bumper sticker that was so popular during the 1980’s tells it all: ‘He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins.’
For the Young Soul, winning isn’t the Big Thing. It’s the Only Thing.

Youngs seek to tame the world at large. Young Souls are the architects of civilizations, the builders of empires, the leaders of businesses and economies. Their basic motivation is materialism, and they will work unstintingly for their material achievements. They are the most likely of the ages to be “workaholics”, constantly in a state of unrest, seeking their materialistic goals. More than any other soul age, Young Souls feel at home in the physical body. They really like it here on the planet and they chafe at inaction.
Popular interests are mundane things such as government, business, lawyering, sports, and policing at the higher levels. No walking the beat for the Young Soul—except when just getting started—and then only if they were born into a family that doesn’t have the connections to jump them ahead in the system. Being the Police Chief in a large city is more to the Young Soul’s taste— and then, most likely, as a stepping stone to higher political office.

This is also a time of conformity. In this way Youngs are similar to Babies. My Way or the Highway is still a credo during this period of soul evolution. People who don’t toe the line deserve no sympathy and will receive none. The 3-strikes-and-you’re-out prison system stems from a Young Soul philosophical viewpoint. If you’re not just like me, there’s obviously something wrong with YOU.

Youngs may love being on the planet, but they’re not content with their bodies as they are. This is particularly true of women but more and more men are becoming obsessed in this way, as well. [Probably because the Young Soul plastic surgeons and hair restorers have noticed there’s another whole, new untapped market out there— and are working to exploit it.]
Ken and Barbie bodies are seen as the norm and no expense will be spared to acquire them. Physical health, in order to create an attractive body, isn’t seen as necessary at this stage. A good plastic surgeon is sufficient. Keeping up a young appearance is where it’s at— not good health. [Dodie Fields, a comedienne during the 1960’s who, despite her diabetes, had one plastic surgery after another and finally died as a result of them, demonstrates the Young Soul’s body-style viewpoint.]

Sporting an eye-candy spouse is important now. The husband is worn like another diamond bracelet on his wife’s arm and the wife is expected to throw those lavish parties Youngs are so well known for where contacts are made or paid off for previous support of business ventures.
The children of Young Souls are status symbols, too.
Small children are wheeled about in Aprica strollers by their nannies—often ‘undocumented aliens’ who are being paid under the table and are off the radar.
Older children are rushed from T-ball game to soccer to ballet class to gymnastics class and are expected to make top grades so they’ll qualify for top-notch middle- and high schools.They’re expected to enroll in Ivy League colleges and become movers and shakers, just like their parents, when they graduate.
Woe betide the Baby, Mature or Old Souls born into a household headed by Young Souls.They’ll be labeled ‘lazy’ and become the black sheep of the family because they don’t fit the mold and aren’t comfortable in the tightly scheduled, whiz-bang family lifestyle dictated by their Young parents.

Youngs join lots of organizations — again in order to get a leg-up on the competition. Middle-of-the-road churches [Episcopal, Methodist, etc.] are comfortable places for Youngs. You’ll find the Babies sitting quietly in their pews as they wait for the service to begin. Not so the Youngs. They’re out in the lobbies and the cloak rooms, making contacts, button-holing parishioners, signing others on to finance or otherwise back up their current schemes.
They’ll also join lodges, unions, Elk’s Clubs, Chambers of Commerce— not, as Babies do, in order to feel the security of safety-in-numbers —but in order to be seen in the ‘right’ circles. Doing the right thing is not the issue for the Young Soul. Being seen to do the right thing is the point.
So, when the Shriners distribute circus tickets to organizations that help needy children or when the Lion’s Club gives out free glasses, Babies will be going door-to-door to solicit glasses or donations, Matures will be working behind the scenes to coordinate the efforts and Young Souls will be front-and-center heading up the operations, arranging the publicity, making sure the media are in attendance when the donations are parceled out, etc.
Young Souls aren’t innovators. They’re the vendors of the tried-and-true products that have already been shown to have a market. They’ll let the older souls create the products and do the test marketing and they’ll hire the Babies, the Youngs who are less financially well off [after all, there’s not room for everyone at the top during every lifetime] the Matures and Olds to manufacture them.
Youngs at the top will swoop in with the cheaper knock-offs and hammer them into the ground until the market dies out—then they’ll move on to their next project.
It doesn’t matter to the Young Soul what impact the product will have on the consumer, either. Bank on it, all those execs who swore before Congress that cigarettes weren’t addictive—all evidence to the contrary—were Young Souls.
Scratch any large business scandal and you’ll find a Young Soul behind it. The CEO who walks away from a failed business with millions after the pension is gone and the employees have all been fired is a Young Soul.
Find a person dumping toxic waste into the nearest lake—it’s most likely a Baby acting on the orders of a Young or a Young Soul just getting started in the business world doing whatever it takes to get ahead. Getting caught is part of the game—and it won’t keep a Young Soul down for long. Their good contacts are likely to help them find good lawyers and they’ll manage to slip away with minimal or no prison time while the rest of us gripe about their ‘luck’ or their corruption and greed.
But, if we’ve completed the Young Soul cycle, we’ve all been there/done that.

In the world of entertainment, soap operas, comedies that use humiliation of the ‘other’ as humor, the competition ‘reality shows’ like ‘Survivor’, all have the Young Soul flavor about them. Competition and conformity will be the norm here, as well as other areas of life. And voting others off the Island is absolutely the Young Soul’s mindset.
The Young soul wants to organize people into a society, a civilization, or a company. They believe in what they’re doing so much that they are willing to fight to convince others to do it their way.
Wars are mostly Young Soul phenomena. Nationalism and imperialism are rampant in this stage of maturation. If they don’t conquer you in the business or economic world, Young Souls will conquer you using the military. Young Soul American leadership wants to make the world safe for Democracy. They call it the struggle to maintain freedom and liberty, but what Young Souls really mean by this is that they don’t want others telling them what to do— you do it my way instead. Since they want this liberty for themselves, they’ll champion it for others so long as it doesn’t interfere with their acquisition of power and wealth.
On the other hand, Young Soul Russian leadership wants to bring the whole world around to its Socialistic point of view, professedly for its own good.
Both of these supposedly noble ideologies are just excuses for “Do it my way,” taken to the extreme.
The popular statement among Conservatives about ‘getting government off our backs’ has nothing to do with individual liberties. It’s about allowing corporations the freedom to do whatever their executives want to do— and the heck with the rest of the population. That’s why the same Conservative who champions ‘getting government off our backs’ will be just fine with taking away reproductive freedom from female individuals, refusing the right to marry to Gay individuals, curbing the right to a good education to poor individuals and making it more and more difficult to qualify for Food Stamps. So long as the Young Souls can afford to go to another state or country for their abortions, marry whom they please, send their children to private schools, and eat well, who cares what those other people need? Obviously, THEY’RE less deserving or THEY would be filthy rich just like ME.
Obviously, this can be a time of great learning as well as a time of creating lots and lots of karma.

As this exciting and materialistic set of lifetimes starts to wind down, the Young Soul begins to look around and, for the first time, ask the questions that would have seemed heretical a very few lifetimes ago: Is this all there is to life?
The soul is now getting ready to enter the Mature Soul phase. And that’s where we’ll be going next.

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