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August 1, 2011 / twocrows1023

The Baby Soul

Within each soul age there are seven levels [more about those in a later post] so, by the time the soul reaches the Baby Soul Age, it has lived at least 7 lifetimes and probably more like 20 to 40. The Infant stage is, often, fairly long because so many of its lives are short. Therefore, it takes more lives to learn the Infant lessons than it takes to learn later ones as the soul matures.

When the soul moves from the Infant level of consciousness to the Baby level, it has its survival skills down pat. Now, it’s ready to get civilized. It wants to know the rules of society and will move into more and more sophisticated communities around the planet in order to learn how different cultures organize themselves.

Baby souls go through a lot of changes in their growing-up process. This is an energetic and exploratory period. Baby souls are like adolescents: eager to get out into the world and demonstrate that they know how to ‘do it right’. There is still a basic lack of understanding and they have an immature perspective. They are almost, but not quite, ready to make the big leap to independence and self-regulated behavior.

The Baby soul age is like the stereotypical pre-teen/early teenage know-it-all stage. Babies, having less understanding and insight than older souls, tend not to see the bigger picture. They are likely to dismiss the ideas or suggestions of those older ones and cling fiercely to their views of us-vs.-them, for instance, or the zero-sum-game.

The Baby soul often thinks and acts in ways dictated by his or her peers. S/he is putting limited experience to work and, therefore, is pretty narrowly focused—especially if s/he is surrounded by Baby Soul peers.

Babies tend to live in small towns where there are, typically, lots of other Babies to pal around with. This way, they can live fairly comfortably without feeling too threatened by all those older souls in the big cities who WANT to deal with the bigger picture. Babies are usually perfectly content with the smaller picture, thankyouverymuch.
The cop walking his or her beat is often a Baby learning about law-and-order. The same is true of the prostitute turning a trick. Or the mayor of a small town [Babies like to be big fish in small ponds].

Another way to learn about the legal system is to commit crimes—sometimes violent ones. When they DO land in a large city, getting involved with a gang works well for getting this perspective. Commit a crime, get caught, go through the legal system including the prison hierarchy. Get out of prison and go through the parole system/halfway-house. Repeat.

It’s all good [although from the earth-bound perspective it doesn’t always look that way.] The perspective from the Causal Plane is different from that of earth, however [Michael exists on the Causal Plane.] From there, every earthly experience is perceived as valid—as in: an opportunity for learning.

Many, many Babies live in small-town-America. Many [though by no means all] are upstanding members of their communities. One motto often adhered to is, ‘Do it right or not at all.’ Their lawns are weeded and watered; their homes are clean; they don’t want your car parked in front of their homes and they certainly won’t park in no-parking zones, themselves. They are proper and mannerly, following the rules of etiquette.

The “do it right” attitude extends to the area of sexuality, as well. More often than not, Baby souls approach sex prudishly both in public expression and private practice. Moralistic in their value system, Baby souls regard the missionary position as, of course, the right way to do it, and only within marriage.
The current focus on condemning such practices as condom distribution—even in an effort to control the spread of deadly disease—is distinctly a Baby point of view being manifest. This can extend to the vengeful viewpoint: ‘those people [people with AIDS, for instance] deserve what they get anyway. I’M not going to give out condoms to keep “them” from getting sick.’ [The US VS THEM dynamic is a very Baby perception.]

They see moral issues as black/white—either/or, with no shades of gray, and of course they identify themselves with the white—good. Anything they do not understand they identify with the black—evil.
Even the idea of other people having a different opinion from their own will puzzle the Baby Soul and, if they perceive the issue as important enough, may bring out a tendency toward violence. Think about abortion-clinic bombings, for instance.

They borrow simple concepts of right and wrong from the rules of society, or better still, from what they perceive to be the laws of God, and then stick doggedly to them all their lives. They tend to blame the world when things go wrong: attributing such occurrences to “evil forces” at work. They find it difficult to accept the error of their own ways, since they believe they are doing what is right. Self-righteousness is a common personal viewpoint.

As to religion, Baby souls tend toward fundamentalism or an evangelical point of view. The personification of the deity is more natural to this Age than any other. To them God seems anthropomorphic —like one of them: more knowledgeable and powerful to be sure, but still merely a glorified human being— and a male human because males are perceived in the majority of earthly institutions [and certainly by the Babies within them] as the primary authority figures.
Babies believe in the forces of evil, and these forces are also typically personified as an anthropomorphic “Satan” figure.
The “Word of God”—whatever sacred text the individual’s religion follows—is interpreted literally.

When their children get into trouble at school, no matter the circumstances, the typical Baby Soul parent will side with the authority rather than their child and will work to make their child acceptable to the authority figures of the school.

But, Babies are more complex than the simple statement, ‘What are the rules? Ok, that’s what we’ll do.’ Hitler, for instance, was a 5th level Baby soul. Richard Nixon, too, was a Baby [7th level, I think though I’m not absolutely sure of that.] And, though I’ve never found any reference to him, I’m almost certain G. W. Bush is a Baby.
On the rare occasions when Babies get into lofty authority levels they tend to 1] go overboard and 2] believe that they are free to create the rules they would be slavishly following if they weren’t in positions of great power.

From their limited perspectives, they don’t perceive the principles more mature souls are following when they create social rules. They simply see the end results. So, while an older soul may create workplace safety rules that actually help the people they are regulating, Babies are more likely to make rules they, themselves, don’t have to follow. Or create rules designed to give themselves the edge over other people within the society they are regulating. Or create rules that oppress others rather than help them live more fruitful lives. When they do this Babies are, generally speaking, creating lots and lots of karma they’ll need to balance at some later date.

The political perceptions of the Baby soul are quite conservative, if not downright reactionary. An excellent example from current history is “The Moral Majority” in the U.S. which was led by Jerry Falwell. I think you could tell simply by looking at the man’s physical characteristics that he was a baby soul. He looked every inch the self-contented toddler, didn’t he?
And the members of the church in Topeka who have been issued a court order to stay away from military funerals because they were haranguing mourners with their condemnations of gay people personify the Baby perception.
They want to impose their strict and narrow standards on everyone else because they regard the perfect society as an obedient society—faithful to a righteous law. There is little room for individual liberties and free expression.

As Michael says, the Baby soul sees itself as “me” and other people as “many other mes”. The meaning of this is that Babies expect others to be like themselves, and are surprised and bewildered when this proves to be incorrect. They don’t know how to deal with the differences they see in other people. They avoid people not of their own race, nation, tribe, culture, religion, socioeconomic status, political party, special interest group, etc. Baby souls, of all the soul ages, feel most comfortable with their own kind, whatever they perceive that to be. Their sense of identity is reinforced by the groups they belong to. They perceive the differences in others as evil and distance themselves from any perceived ‘otherness’.

Baby souls are “uptight” about life in general. Who wouldn’t be under the stress of always having to be right? They live by popular stereotypes and standard clichés. Baby souls have very little sense of humor.

When they seek employment it will be as followers. You won’t find Baby Souls setting up their own businesses. They much prefer to be told what to do—and then they will do it without questioning the rightness or wrongness of most business decisions unless those decisions go against some moral conviction taught them by some ‘higher authority’ such as the minister in their fundamentalist church. Even then, they will likely seek counsel from their minister rather than make a decision, on their own, to ‘blow the whistle’. Almost always, Baby souls will leave all decisions to Young Souls who will be more than happy to make those decisions as we shall see.

Next Post: The Young Soul.


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