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August 4, 2011 / twocrows1023

Introducing Seth and Michael

I just realized: I’ve been running on some assumptions, here. Sorry.
I have studied Seth and, later, Michael for SO long, I just assumed everyone knows who they are. And—I know that isn’t true, really.

So —Meet Seth—
There’s a whole book dedicated to nothing more or less than introducing Seth [The Coming of Seth] so this is going to, of necessity, be a very rough thumbnail sketch, indeed.

Seth burst upon the scene in the early 1960’s, so far as I recall. Jane Roberts, her husband Robert Butts and some friends were messing around with a ouija board just for fun and, suddenly this entity started coming through. It said it had been trying to contact Jane for quite a while and, when this opportunity came along it jumped at it.
Meanwhile, as you can imagine, Jane was jumping out of her skin. She didn’t WANT to be a medium. She had never in her wildest dreams thought of doing anything of the sort. She simply wanted the whole thing [including Seth] to just go away. Seth told her that the choice was hers but strongly urged her to continue channeling as doing so would help her progress and help the world at large move toward its Mature Soul Manifestation.

Robert added his voice to Seth’s [I can just hear Jane saying, ‘Easy for you to say!’] and slowly, reluctantly she began to let Seth come through.

Over time there were numerous experiments with consciousness, physical body distortions and contortions with Jane saying, DO YOU SEE THAT??? [as her hand grew to 4 times it’s normal size then shrank back to normal in a matter of moments, her hair and eyes changed color then returned to normal, etc.] and Robert describing the phenomena to her. The physical manifestations could be seen by others—which was some comfort, at least, to Jane.

Very slowly, Jane began trusting the information that was coming through her—first through the ouija board, later through automatic writing and still later by voice with Robert taking down the material as dictated by Seth [Seth’s handwriting was atrocious].
She continued, for much of the time she spent channeling Seth, to hold doubts as to its origin — wondering if it was simply a deeper part of her own personality. Seth denied it but refused to argue — allowing her to hold this view if it made her feel more comfortable.

Before her death, there were 10 books co-authored by Seth and Jane though Jane is the only author acknowledged on their covers. The last two seem to be incomplete—probably as a result of Jane’s illness.

I’ve read 3 of the books cover-to-cover and dipped into a fourth—but they are very heavy going and, when I discovered Michael [easier, by far to comprehend—at least for me] I kinda jumped ship and have been happily engaged in wading through those teachings instead with occasional forays back into the Seth books just for the heck of it or to see if the two agree with each other.

Recently, though, I’ve been returning to Seth.  I’m currently reading, “The Nature of Personal Reality,” “The Individual and the Nature of Mass Events,” “The Magical Approach” and rereading “Seth Speaks” to refine my understanding of the basics.  aamof, I’m starting to get a few glimmers for some future posts.  Stay tuned . . . .
And, now, meet Michael:
Again, there was the introduction via ouija board:
One night, at a party, several people were clustered around the board when Michael came through. To make a long story short—two people had the easiest time making contact [I don’t recall their names] and the rest of the guests soon lost interest and drifted away. Those two, however were alternately freaking out and becoming more and more enamored of the material coming through.

One interesting note: Though Seth seemed to find no trouble in giving itself a name when Jane asked for one, Michael found it very hard to do. It just kept saying it didn’t have a name. The people involved were adamant, though. They didn’t want to call the entity ‘Hey You’. So, finally, very reluctantly, it named itself Michael because its final incarnation, in a village near ancient Babylon, had had a similar name. It said it wanted to emphasize the fact that speed isn’t as important as humans seem to consistently believe it to be. [Maybe, as we move further into the Mature Soul phase, we’ll let go of that viewpoint.]

Over time, a larger group developed. They began calling themselves Michael’s People and a book by that name was, eventually published. LOTS and LOTS of books have come out of several collaborations between Michael and various people.

Michael explains the different approaches [between itself and Seth] this way:
The Seth entity is, primarily, a Server/Scholar entity.
Servers often follow the lead of someone else—not because they’re weak but because they need and want to be accepting of and caring for others.
Scholars tend to be solitary beings. They can immerse themselves in one field of study to the exclusion of all others for anywhere from 1 to several lifetimes. They’re more comfortable dealing with other people on a one-to-one basis—so Seth tends to work that way even though it has been off-planet for a number of what we would call centuries. In fact, each fragment maintains its Role until it rejoins the All that Is.

Michael’s entity is a King/Warrior entity.
Both of these Roles tend to deal with large groups of people more easily than Scholars and Severs do.
So, Michael has attracted lots and lots of mediums or seers or whatever you want to call them and BOY! have they churned out the books!!! I’ve probably read about 10 of those cover-to-cover and peeked into several others. I quit buying them about 8 years ago because I had plenty to be going forward with.

The titles and authors are included on the sidebar along with several other books. I’ve loosely grouped them based on when, chronologically, I discovered them and/or how difficult they were [for me] to grasp.

Beyond the published books, I’ve got massive loose-leaf binders of verbatim channeling sessions that I pick up and wade through randomly from time to time. Probably 6 to 8 of those.
See what I mean about lots of stuff here? And I’m sure there’s more out there that I haven’t yet discovered.
Now, as I promised earlier, a word about the makeup of both these entities.
As I read back over this post before launching into this explanation, I saw that I’ve already explained part of it along the way—but I’ll try to clarify the situation a bit further:
You and I and almost all humans on the planet are made up of a single fragment [soul] that, prior to birth, created a body and a personality for use in a one-time shot [one incarnation] on the planet. Consider the soul as the ‘body’ and the personality and the body as the ‘clothes’.

Between lives we go to a level just beyond the physical [the lower astral plane] where we engage in work [I’m not all that clear about what kind of work we do, but I’ve read about it in several books—not all of them written by Seth and Michael] spend time with friends, play with various forms of reality and prepare for our next lifetime.
After each of us reach the end of our last lifetime on the planet [at the close of the 7th level of the Old Soul Age] when we’ve probably lived, on average, about 200 to 350 lifetimes or so, we cluster with a bunch of old friends we started out with [picture your high-school graduating class] on the lower to mid-astral plane while we wait for the last of our graduating class to finish up.

After we’re all assembled we hang around together for a while in the mid-astral till we feel ready then we begin assimilating and moving higher in the astral. The group of fragments slowly becomes one entity and moves into what is called the Causal Plane.
Now, don’t panic, we don’t lose our selves—we simply merge with several hundred other fragments or souls and we do it when and as we’re ready to do it. For some time after this merging, we continue to think of ourselves as ‘we’—not as ‘I’.
Over ‘time’ [gosh, language can be so limiting!] we begin to assimilate further and further and eventually, the entity does begin to think of itself as a single being and moves from perceiving itself as ‘we’ to perceiving itself as ‘I’ and the first step back toward the All that Is or the Tao [as Michael calls it] has been completed. This step takes a LONG time [there’s that pesky word again! :( ].
Both Michael and Seth are engaged in this process ‘now’. Michael tend to talk about themselves as ‘we’ while Seth seems to feel more comfortable with the ‘I’ identity. So, it would seem that Seth is somewhat ‘further along’ than Michael is. Maybe that’s why I tend to find Seth’s information more difficult to comprehend.

Anyway, at the end of every milestone along the way a similar merging of entities occurs with the group incorporating more and more fragments [aka souls] within its ranks until it merges with the All that Is [which is where we all came from before the whole game began and is our eventual destination.]

Then, if/when we want to, we can take on another Role and start the whole process over again. AND we can choose [as you and I did this time] to take the physical route [more demanding—but ‘faster’] or the more leisurely route which doesn’t include a trip through physical reality.

An entity that falls into that category has, in fact, written at least two books [The Lazeris Teachings in case you’re interested.] I’ve begun those but haven’t spent too much time or energy on them.
My frame of reference kind of parallels the ex-junkie who prefers to learn from a counselor who was previously addicted to drugs—‘How can Lazeris, who has never inhabited a body, have a clue as to what I’m going through here?’ So, I tend to listen a lot more closely to Michael and Seth who came up through the physical ranks—but that’s just me.
So, there you have it in a nutshell—
Where Michael and Seth came from and a sense [I hope] of who they are.


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