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August 9, 2011 / twocrows1023

Ideas of the Mind

Back in the 1960’s, Bill Vaughn, a humorist with the Kansas City Star, published a collection of the pieces he had written for the paper over the years. The first essay was simply one of his compiled pieces. The second was entitled: ‘On Second Thought: An Introduction.’

All this is to say that I think I missed a spot. So, without further adieu—The Genesis Story—or, if you prefer, The Big Bang from the Spiritual Perspective:

This came from the Seth Material. If memory serves, the book is, ‘Seth Speaks.’
The All that Is is, so far as it knows, the only one of its kind. It continues to hunt around to see if it can locate any others but, so far, hasn’t found any [I sometimes speculate about that and wonder if it is a lonely existence.]

Before the advent of other beings [of which we are one form] the All that Is, being alone, began to dream. By their nature, the dreams of the All that Is began to move toward conscious existence. Over time the dreams began to become aware that they were actually simply dreams and began to clamor to exist in their own rights. The All that Is had to find a way to let go of its creations or go mad. The fate of any future existence hung in the balance as the All that Is grappled with this dilemma. If it had failed it might have created a universe that had no laws— that was, by its very nature, Chaos.

It succeeded, however, and a Big Bang occurred on the metaphysical level which was manifested on the physical level, as well [and who knows how many other levels?] In that instant every particle, every wave, every bit of energy—in short—every bit of string in the universe was created. In fact, the 11 physical dimensions and the 7 levels of the All that Is also sprang into existence.

According to Michael, our particular physical universe is in its 3rd incarnation [an assertion backed up by quantum physics] and the strings [which might coincide with what Michael calls the ‘fragments’ (in other words, us, the ‘All’ in the All that Is)] within it don’t plan to go for number 4. Maybe previous incarnations did result in Big Crunches followed by Big Bangs numbers 2 and 3, I don’t know.
This may account for the fact that the quantum physicists claim that there are stars within this universe that are older than the universe itself. And, maybe, that’s why they say the Big Crunch won’t happen [this time around] but what I call the Big Drift will be the fate of this universe.
Again, according to Michael there are whole other adventures out there waiting to be explored and we’ve decided to stop playing with the physical—at least for the time being.
**sigh** There I go using language loosely again. But how do you talk about this stuff without using words like ‘time’, anyway?
So, what’s your take on all of this? What are your thoughts on Seth’s explanation of the Big Beginning?



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  1. Ayan / Jun 21 2014 8:08 am

    I found your blog by a random search this weekend morning and I must say, its impressively informative. I have been following Michael theories thru a personal soul level realization and found that you have presented the essence very well. Regarding the Seth theory (or Material), I just want to mention one thing. It states that the whole universe is a result of an “agony” of all that is. I am not sure if it is true because I feel All that is cannot have any such feeling called “Agony” or any such negative vibration for that matter. I might be wrong but its just my feeling.
    I am also searching the reason for this creation, why there is a need to create individual souls (particle of lights) in the first place when it has to go back to Tao finally after thousands of incarnations and many grand cycles. Maybe I will have to delve deep inside me rather than finding the answer outside in the Web :-) but in case you have more info/realization on this, please share.

    Also please keep in touch !


  2. twocrows1023 / Jun 23 2014 7:12 pm

    Hi Ayan – – Thanks for stopping by.

    Yes, Seth’s narrative regarding the creation of the All is quite different from traditional religions. It’s one of the things I like about the Material. It speaks to something inside me with its inherent suggestion that the All that Is isn’t an end product, so to speak, but is a being that is growing and evolving. I like that idea. aamof, there are a number of posts further in that contemplate the idea in more depth.

    And that answers, for me, the question you posed as to the why of it all. If personal growth is the aim, both on the level of the fragment and on the level of the All that Is, then it all makes perfect sense, doesn’t it?

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